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Dom   obsik    topon      len    flumed nilü          zif     dustodik.
House   our    is situated  by a   river  near to a  town  industrial.

    Do     dabinons   legads  e     bumots    nulädiks,  tö           horit
Though  there are   parks  and  buildings  modern,   on  the  horizon

 mens       ai       elogons      cimis     gianagretik miotik, kels
     people	always have seen chimneys  gigantic      dirty,  which 

        ejonons    kleiliko        plöpi              zifila;	            is     mutoy
     have shown clearly the prosperity of the small town; 	 here one must

      zilo  vobön          ad       plöpön !   In  dom   obsik  labobs        cemis 
     hard   work	in order to prosper!   In house   our    we have the rooms

        sököl:         lavöp,      kvisinöp,    fidacem,       sälun,          äsi	
     following:  a laundry, a kitchen, a dining room, a lounge, as also  a

     tvalet  e      klünacem  pro lotans   e   visitans votik.  Slipacems  fol
     toilet and a cloakroom for guests and visitors other.	Bedrooms four

     binons in         tead   löpik,     äsi        banacem   e      tvalet nog  bal
       are     on the  floor  upper,  as also a bathroom and a toilet still one

     pro         famülans.                In        nufalucem fat   obik ed ob kanobs 
     for  members of the family.   In the       attic   father my and I  we can

     tuvön   seili      saidik           ad        studön  e    vobön      nen      
      find   silence	 sufficient	in order to  study and to work without	

          top         mödik.       Dese              fenät     smalik us,       logoy 
     interruption  much. From out of the	window  small there,	one sees

           fo              dom      luniki  gadi  vidik    labü    flors       e   bims,
     in front of the house a   long garden wide 	having flowers and trees,

       e     härbats        (pötets/sparag);           po           dom     logoy 
     and vegetables  (potatoes/asparagus);  behind the house one sees a 

     yadi,    äsi        garadi     binü   bakastons redik,  in   kel binon  i  
      yard, as also a garage made of    bricks     red,	  in which is also  a

         voböp               Disnufspadäd    retik      jonidon as     kipedöp 
      work place.	The    attic space   remaining   serves as a storeroom

      pro   dins  votik  valasotik. 
      for  things other all kinds of.