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Reided 4

In  zifs   gretik valik lotidöps    süperik     dabinons.   Kösömo   kanoy  tuvön        lotidi,             ab   if 
In cities   big      all     hotels  marvellous     exist.       Usually  one can  find   accommodation,  but   if
     viloyöv               fümön          dö     atos,     pato           dü             vakens,    binos gudikum. ad resärfön
one should want  to be certain  about  this,  particularly during  the  holidays,    it is     better    to  reserve
     büo        cemis.    Lotidöps   e    vemo   magifiks      e     balugiks dabinons.   Otuvoy     in     lotidöp igo
 advance  rooms.      Hotels   and  very  magnificent and    simple    exist.      One will find  in  a  hotel   even
   lindifik      böti     gudik.  Nügolölo  ini         lotidöp,        dugoloy                  vestibüli       ad    lükömön
indifferent  service  good.   Entering   into  the  hotel,    one goes through  the  vestibule in order to  arrive
lä         bür.     Us        loatoy    cemis.           Päkemipolan  oyufom   oli    pö          blin         päkema    olik
at  the office. There  one hires  rooms.   The      porter 	will help   you with the bringing	 of luggage your
 ed       odugom          oli lü cem   olik.   Dünans lotidöpa oyufons oli, if no sevol zifi.
and will accompany you to room your.  The