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Reided 7

 Bal   legivotas,    keli   täxetob vemo,   binon     ked     pupas  Rusänik.     Ömna         pups 	
One of the gifts,  which I value greatly,    is    a series  of dolls Russian. Sometimes  the dolls
  vel   stanons      flanü              ods      su       fenätaboed;      ömna     klänedons    okis 
seven  stand  at the side of  each other on the window-sill; sometimes they hide themselves
 ninü        ods.        Binons          famülans            veratik.  Ekö    ons:       lemot,          fat, 
inside each other.  They are members of a family   true.  Behold them:  a grandma, a father,
     mot,        cils      kil     e      putül.   Binons    jöniks.           Boadivoban, kel äfomom onis,
a mother, children three and a  baby. They are beautiful. The woodcarver, who formed them,
  e         pänan,   kel  äpänom onis,   edunoms osi ko    löf  gretik.  Kanob   fümön      dö   atos,
and the painter, who painted them, have done it with love great.   I can   be certain about this,
     bi      binons  so    jöniks.      Labons       pladi   patik  in        lad    oba.    Jenöfo binons   äs
because they are so beautiful. They have a  place special in the heart of me. In fact they are like
ob    it:         ömna       vilob binön    livätik        e   stanön     ito         fo          kemens obik;
 I  myself: sometimes I want to be independent and stand by myself before fellow-men my;
    ömna      vilob  senön          sefi        utanas, kels löfons obi.   Pups   at    Rusänik, cedob, 
sometimes I want to feel the security  of those who  love   me.  Dolls these Russian, I think,
tidons obis   gudiküno  dö     dins      veütik     at,          sevabo,     das kanobs   fino stanön
teach    us   best of all about things important these, that is to say, that we can at last stand
su futs lönik obas       bi        dalabobs         stüti        sefik.
on feet  own of us, because we possess a foundation secure.