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Reided 8

   Jigok   e     svin  pävüdons    lü     mated.
A hen   and a pig were invited to a wedding.
       Äbespikons           kobo    legivotis,  kelis     ösötons   givön          games.
They were discussing together the gifts, which they should give to the married couple.
   Jigok,   pos    tikod   vifik, äsagof:
The hen, after thought quick, said:
"Ob        esludob      ad givön nögis mäl         games."
    I,   I have decided to   give  eggs  six to the married couple."
      Svin no   äkanom tikön    so  vifiko  äs      jigok.       Kodü        atos, äsagom:
The pig not was able to think so quickly as the hen.  On account of this,  he said:
"Ob no sevob   nog utosi, kelosi   ogivob               games               äs    legivot.
   I, not I know yet   that   which I shall give to the married couple as a present.
"Labob      tikamagoti gudik,"  ägespikof     jigok.   "Ob    ogivob,  äsä   ya         esagob, 
  I have an       idea       good,     replied   the  hen.       I, I shall give, as already I have said,
nögis mäl.  Ol      kanol  givön  flani svinamita."
eggs   six.  You, you can give a side of pork."
 Ab    lekläravifiko    ävokädom     svin:
But lightening-quick exclaimed the pig:
"Atos no binos gidik,     bi       pro ol      tefon         te      legivoti, pro  ob        too        tefon
  This not   is     fair,   because for you it concerns only a     gift,   for   I      however it concerns
   sakrifoti lölöfik!"
a sacrifice  total!