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Reided 9

   Bü     vigs     anik      kvisinöp nulik   pästiton    lä   obs.    Bal      dinas      nulik äbinon
Before weeks several a kitchen   new  was fitted chez nous. One of the things new   was   a
bovilavacin.    Dü     yels   plu     ka foldeg,     estanob       näi          lavabasin in      kvisinöp
dishwasher.  During years more than forty,  I have stood next to the     sink     in the kitchen
     ad      lavön         fidacani,  ab  anu  lif   obinon fasilikum ka   büo   ün       yels      retik 
in order to wash the crockery, but now life will be   easier  than before in the years remaining 
of me.
Primo mutob sagön, das        skil balid pro ob  in   tef       at   äbinon   ad     sitiko         pladön
Firstly I must  say,   that the skill first   for me in respect this     was    to systematically  place
    bovedis, bovis disbovedilis, bovülis  e    väris   gretotas   difik     ini            cin        ko
the plates,  dishes, saucers,         cups  and glasses of sizes different into the machine with  a
     sobamedöm     patik.     Büä   golobs lü bed,    nikurbob             cini,         kel    lavon	 
soap preparation special.  Before we go  to bed, we switch on the machine, which washes 
  dinis valik    at      dü           neit.     Ün        göd         sököl,     sumob   dinis    at    klinik 
things   all   these during the night.    In the morning following. we tale things these clean
   se          bovilavacin  e   gepladob   onis dönu  ini    layets    e      ramars:               plak 
out of the dishwasher and I put back them again into drawers and cupboards:  an experience
nulik  pos  yels        bü             lavabasin in     kvisinöp!
 new after years in front of the      sink    in the kitchen!
   I         leigüpo              estitoy            furnodi nulik nulädik in     kvisinöp.   Ven     büo 
Also at the same time one has fitted an  oven   new  modern in the kitchen.  When formerly
    äkvisinobs      fidädis obsik,  id  äpladobs i   bovedis ini         furnod      ad    hitükön onis.
we used to cook   meals  our,  also  we put also plates   into the oven    in order to  heat them.
        Äkösömobs       ad dunön osi    dü     yels  mödik.   Daut       oba       äsagof      cogiko, 
We were accustomed to   do    this during years many. Daughter of me  used to say jokingly
 das     äkvisinobs           bovedis     kobü              fided.  Posä    ipladobs       bovedis ini 
that we used to cook the   plates together with the meal. After we had put the plates  into the
furnod   äs   büo,         ikvisinobs    bovedis  at    jenöfo.    Äbinons   blägiks,  ed     imutobs 
 oven   like before, we had cooked   plates  these in fact.  They were black,    and    we had
  jedön    onis   ini       defälotaninädian !
to throw them into the     waste bin !