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Intermediate Readings

Anu, pos stud büik, kanol suemön lio jäfidon Volapük. Reideds, kels sökons, pälautons fa söl F. J. Krüger. Ebevobob onis ma tidodems omik. Traduts vödas fikulikum kanol tuvön futü pad alik. Ye, tradutis vödas votik kanol tuvön in Vödabuk Volapük–Linglänapük in diläd tefik.

Now, after previous study, you can understand how Volapük functions. The readings which follow were written by Mr F. J. Krüger. I have adapted them according to his courses. The translations of the more difficult words you can find at the foot of each page. However, the translations of the other words you can find in the Volapük–English Dictionary in the relevant section.